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Welcome to the Victorian Rogaining Association

Rogaining is a sport for 2-99 year olds who enjoy the challenge of being outdoors. Whether you want to run, walk, picnic or simply camp at one of our overnight events we would love to see you.

Anyone who takes part in a rogaine is extended a complimentary 12 month financial membership. After this time your membership lapses but you do not need to re-register to take part in another event, because you keep your member number for life. The words register, join, become a member are synonymous but you have not actually entered a rogaine yet. If you have never entered a team or have forgotten how to do so, click on the link below

Entry Flowchart

VRA Latest News

 Rogaine Training Day     Sunday 28-April    ** Fully Booked **

Training Day. This event takes place in the Birdlands Reserve (Belgrave/Tecoma). Learn how to navigate from an experienced Rogainer.   There is more to it than just being able to use a compass.   Online Entry has now closed as we are fully booked.  If you are looking in the entry system you will not longer see the event listed because it is closed.   More information  


May 2x6hr and Schools, Scout and Cadets Champs    4th & 5th May 

Saturday & Sunday a Public 6hr Rogaine.  Same event each day .   Enter which even day suits you best.  More Information.   Online Entry for the public events is now open and Late date will be 11:59pm 24-April.

Sunday Schools, Scouts and Cadets 5hr Rogaine starting at 10:30am.  More Information.  Contact Geoff Hudson to enter. 

Please note: No camping is permitted at the Hash House (Victoria Park)


June 2x6hr with the second 6hr a night Rogaine    15th-June 

Saturday a normal 6hr Rogaine starting at 10am    The second 6hr commences at 6pm Saturday.   Enter either or enter BOTH for 12hrs of Rogaining with a 2hr Hash House dinner break.  Each 6hr is on the same map  (Just like our 2x6hr weekends.   If you ever wanted to try night Rogaining do both and visit checkpoints you have already found (Should be easy) or do just the night 6hr if that is all your legs can take.    More Information.   Online Entry will open by 10-May and Late date will be 11:59pm 5-Jun.


Odds and Evens 6/12hr Rogaine    Saturday 6-April

Results are now available.    Click for Results Updated versions loaded by 12:30pm 10-Apr.    Click for Tag Prints and all corrections have been completed however if you think there is an error check the results to verify if we have made that correction in the results.    Any questions? Email Phil Giddings

Brilliant weather, excellent open Rogaining country, a great course set by the 2 Ronnies (Thank you) and a great Hash House site and catering.   Congratulation to all our winners, thank you everyone for being a part of our first Rogaine for 2019 and Thank you to our all our Volunteers.   Remember to check our roster and volunteer for a future event.  Volunteers run Rogaines.

Lost Property

We have been notified that an item (used at the Hash House) was found by a rogainer. If you have not brought all of your stuff home with you contact Andrew Hunter about the item you think you are missing.


2019 VRA Calendar available.  

The 2019 VRA Calendar is now available.  We are looking for offers to organise and set an events for Nov 2019.   Please contact Phil Giddings to discuss offers to assist in 2019 or beyond.  


Volunteer online and update your contact details online by logging on to Online Entry.

Please consult the Volunteers Roster to see the positions that need filled for the next and forthcoming rogaines.

From the Online Entry system you can sign up to volunteer by clicking on the smiley face after you login, select the event you wish to volunteer for, then click the "Volunteer Names List" button and select the role you want.  If you need any assistance please email Kelly Lane.


Australasian and World Rogaining Championship

Link to the 2018 Australasian Championship web site for results.  Looking ahead the 2019 Australasian Rogaining Championship will be in Tasmania 9/10 November 2019 and there is the World Championships in Spain 27/28 July 2019.


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