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Interview Rod Phillips

Rod Phillips

Co-founder, previous president VRA (1976-)  / ARA, Current Secretary IRF

1.            When did you first rogaine?  

Precursor events from maybe 1971, first rogaine 1976

2.            How many rogaines do you think you have competed in? 

 Really no idea

3.            Describe your most memorable/strangest moment rogaining? 

 Most memorable would be the first world rogaining championships held in Europe, in Czech republic in 2002, when the explosion of the sport in Europe really hit home.

4.            What’s been the hardest moment on a rogaine?

Maybe 12 hours in the black rain in the blue mountains in winter on an intervarsity event in 1974 (or thereabouts)

5.            What’s been your greatest triumph rogaining? 

Hard to say. One aspect I really value is that anyone can compete in the World Championships. There was a lot of opposition to this concept, with people saying “no other sports do this”.  That is true of course, because no other sports can – it isn’t possible to have a meaningful world championship in swimming or chess or rugby with experts and novices side by side.  But it is possible in rogaining.  It is one of the great advantages of the sport. We can acknowledge the huge importance of all those who volunteer to assist the sport by ensuring that they can always choose to compete at the highest level if they want, no matter how slowly they want to walk. That’s fantastic!

6.            What is your favourite geographic area to rogaine in? 

 Central Australia

7.            How has rogaining changed since you started competing?  

 The sport is becoming more influenced by people who only see the competitive side. It is important that the primary philosophy of participation be kept. I love the way anyone can go on events, even the World Championships.

8.            How has being involved in rogaining changed you?  

In so many ways.

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