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Interview Tom Lothian


Tom Lothian

President 2014-current, general committee (2012-2014), Secretary (2011-2012), Non-Event Treasurer (2004-2007)

1.       When did you first rogaine?

I started in 2001 trying to impress a girl.  Me and the girl now have two kids.

2.       How many rogaines do you think you have competed in?

Somewhere in the ball park of 90.

3.       Describe your most memorable/strangest moment rogaining?

The first 24 hour rogaine where I stayed out all night.  I looked at my father in law with 15 minutes to go and said “run”, he responded “I am”.

4.       What’s been the hardest moment on a rogaine?

I did the Australasian Championships out of Alice Springs in about 2006.  I got heat stroke, sun burnt and cut to buggery on spinafex.  Great event.

5.       What’s been your greatest triumph rogaining?

Kate (my partner) and I won the mixed section in a 12 hour after going full gas with great nav for the whole event.  That was pretty cool.  That chocolate tasted good.

6.       What is your favourite geographic area to rogaine in?

Blackwood in Wombat State Forrest.  So up, so down.

7.       How has rogaining changed since you started competing?

As long as there’s a cheese toastie at the end who cares?

8.       How has being involved in rogaining changed you?

I’ve ended up doing a lot more volunteering then I thought I would.  I spent about five years turning up to the AGM telling myself that I’d do less this year.  I am currently 3 years into my one year term as president.  It’s the people that keep bringing me back.  This organisation is unbelievably good.


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