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Interview John Gavens and Heather Leslie

 John Gavens and Heather Leslie

Development officers (in the 2000’s), setters, checkers, administrators various events.

1.       When did you first rogaine?

 March 1996, Possum Gully, Linton ( L plate - trainer Nigel Aylott, could not find first control)

2.       How many rogaines do you think you have competed in?

 Around 140


3.       Describe your most memorable/strangest moment rogaining?

One of our team being bitten by a donkey in WA, walking without shorts due to chafing at Barkley’s Hope, putting Heather in a passing random car due to broken leg so Grant and I could complete the event, only to be disqualified, discovering marijuana plantations, being told to run when I already was!


4.       What’s been the hardest moment on a rogaine?

Mosquitoes, horseflies and ticks, Russia 2013


5.       What’s been your greatest triumph rogaining?

 Going out and coming back.


6.       What is your favourite geographic area to rogaine in?

 Ross River, Northern Territory


7.       How has rogaining changed since you started competing?

 The great thing is the fundamentals have not changed.


8.       How has being involved in rogaining changed you?

We have travelled Australia and the world with rogaining.  Russia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Estonia and Finland.  Rogaining builds resilience.  This translates into all aspects of life. We love it. 

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