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Interview Alison and Dick Harcourt

Alison and Dick Harcourt (long time rogainers)


1.       When did you first rogaine?

We first learnt about Rogaining from a work colleague whose husband was a friend of Nigel Aylott. It sounded like a good activity and so it has turned out to be. From memory, (because I could not find the details) our first one (8 hours?) was based in Healesville.  We had to enter the check points on the maps ourselves from co-ordinates of the check points on a page pinned up on a shed wall.

Old age and various related infirmities have limited our participation, but it was super while it lasted.  We often came in late so our scores were low, but there was food at the Hash House and lots of good talk about the ability of vivid orange checkpoints to hide under a gum leaf or show themselves on a spur adjacent to the one we had just ascended.

2.       What is your favourite geographic area to rogaine in?

There were many favorites areas but the old goldfields probably took first place.  We also liked Metrogaines, especially the opportunities they gave us to explore towns outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.  Another particularly special source of enjoyment was the other rogainers, who came in all sizes from babes in arms to elderly folk like us, and all of them friendly and ready to share their discoveries.

3.       How has being involved in rogaining changed you?

We made many friends, we saw many creatures of the bush, like the little joey crouched under a bush while its mother was off on other business, or the wombat which strolled across our path, appropriately in Wombat State Forest, and many birds and kangaroos. We saw the beauty of the bush and we thought many times of the people who lived in this land prior to us, and how their appreciation of the country would have been much wider and deeper than ours.

For all this, we thank you, Rogaining.


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