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Interview Cath Weir

Cath Weir

Newsletter Distributor from 1993 until the “close of business” in October 2015 although before this I had helped others with the folding (Sharon Sayers, Rob Gatt).

1.     When did you first rogaine?

My first Rogaine was March 1986 with my two sons, a 6hr event at Tallarook. I couldn’t lift my legs over a stick on the ground by the time I had finished but I fell in love with the sport.

2.     How many rogaines do you think you have competed in?

It is about 130 including metrogaines. (A good map collection!)

3.     Describe your most memorable/strangest moment rogaining?

I can’t single out just one. Anderson’s Mill (3/88) for the wiregrass at throat level; Devil’s Run (11/00?)for the torrential rain for most of the event; Aust Ch/ships at Shelley (10/99) when Aletta and I had a lovely meal in the Koetong pub during the event. Coliban Race (4/87) for the spit roast set up in a paddock. Recently, Granite Edge (9/12) for the lovely country and weather. It was also the first event for my Spanish daughter-in-law.

4.     What’s been the hardest moment on a rogaine?

Lilydale Metrogaine where we needed to drive to the toilets after we finished. Bundalong Paddlogaine (2/06) when Aletta and I (a complete novice paddler) had to manoeuvre a plastic “bath tub” on the water..

5.     What’s been your greatest triumph rogaining?

With my two sons winning the Family and a third placing in Mixed sections in the Caveat 8hr event (10/86). A totally unexpected result. Came 11th out of 70 teams, my best ever score. Equally as surprising was the first place in WSV and WV with Margaret Page in the 2002 Vic Ch/ships where we won both the WSV and UV sections.

6.     What is your favourite geographic area to rogaine in?

Any area devoid of pine forest, not too steep but ideally rolling, open countryside.

7.     How has rogaining changed since you started competing?

Using pre-marked maps very professionally done. The sophistication of the equipment (catering, admin, checkpoints). The appearance of the n/letter up to Oct 2015 going from typed sheets stapled together to a professional production. Everything now on-line. No more athletic men with little shorts, little beards and little back packs apparently running from start to finish. Where are you?

8.     How has being involved in rogaining changed you?

 It certainly gave me an insight into the amount of work that goes into running the organisation and events. Please don’t take everything for granted - there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes.  It is like a swimming duck – all appears smooth on the surface but underneath there is a heck of a lot of activity.


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