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Interview Jachob Dynes

Jachob Dynes                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Youngest ever event setter (at 16 years old), 2016)


1.       When did you first rogaine?

I did my first Rogaine in 2008 when I was 8 years old. After doing some exploring at home with maps, Dad took me to an event and I have been competing ever since.


2.       How many rogaines do you think you have competed in?

I compete in roughly 5 events each year, so possibly up to 40, maybe a bit less.


3.       Describe your most memorable/strangest moment rogaining?

At the red, white and blue rogaine in Castlemaine. The bush was thick with webs, huge webs with scary spiders in every one of them. They were everywhere you turned and you had to use a stick to knock them out of your way.


4.       What’s been the hardest moment on a rogaine?

Getting absolutely lost, with no idea where you are or where you’re going. Then you lose heaps of time with still no idea where you’re going, then the rest of your course is stuffed because you lost so much time, and then you get back late and are disqualified.


5.       What’s been your greatest triumph rogaining?

I competed in one of the two day events in the end of the year. A rogaine one day and a cyclogaine the other. We came 2nd overall for the weekend and we cleared the course on the cyclogaine.


6.       What is your favourite geographic area to rogaine in?

Castlemaine area, every time we go to Castlemaine we go to a really nice pizza shop called Capones. And we get Castlemaine Rock.


7.       How has rogaining changed since you started competing?

I’ve gained skills involved with map reading and basically what to do when you’re in the bush, if your lost or going away for the weekend.


8.       How has being involved in rogaining changed you?

I volunteer at least once every year and I really enjoy it. I get to be social with people other than the youth I hang with. I have been able to experience the more rugged lifestyle and I get plenty of hours up when I volunteer for water drops. I also have gotten to visit many different places in Victoria that I never would have seen otherwise.

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