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Event Entry

Online Entry

Enter an Event by clicking on the Online Entry above (at the top of all our web pages)

Online entry payment is by Bpay only.   (Sorry, No Credit Card payment)  However we do accept posted entries.  See below

The online entry system normally opens within a week after the previous event and remains open until entry close date.  (Midnight Wednesday 9 to 10 days before the event).  After entry Close Date, Online Entries may remain open for a few days for late online entries.  The number of days we are open for late entries varies from 0 to 5 days.  Always worth checking. 

Late Fees  A $10 late fee (per adult) applies after entry late date. (New members [First time Rogainer]  and Juniors [Under 18] are exempt from the late fee).

Posted Entries

If you're reading this website we assume you have access to the web and can enter online.  We do accept posted entries.  The mailing address is in the event information for each event.  Scroll to the bottom to find it.  Please post by entries late date.  Payment by Cheque or Money Order to be posted with your entry.

pdf Entry Form (102 KB)

Calculate you entry fees and send a Cheque or Money Order with your Entry Form.   If there is an error with your payment an outstanding Fee will appear on the Team List available on the Web Home Page by Tuesday before each Rogaine.

Team List and Indemnity Form

Team List including payments balance and Final Instructions including direction to the event start are posted on the Web (Link from home page) by Tuesday before the event.

We require all team members to sign an Indemnity Form and hand it to Administration at team registration on event day.

Entry Categories

Our Entry Categories are:
Mix (X) 
Womens (W)
Mens (M)
Within the above we have age group categories.  
Juniors       (J)    All team members under 18 on event day
Veterans    (V)   All team members 40 or over on event day
Superveterans  (SV)  All team members 55 or over on event day
Note Ultra veterans are not sub grouped into Mixed,  Womens and Mens
Ultraveterans   (U)    All team members 65 or over on event day  
All the above is determined for you based on the details you have recorded in your member record. Please check you have your date of birth in your member record and it is correct.  Often people were entered in their first Rogaine by a team mate and they may not have entered your correct date of birth
Two other Categories you need to tick when entering if they apply to you are:
Family  (F)  One team member looks to another team member as a parent, grand parent or guardian.   Other non related Rogainers can also be in the team.
Novice (N)  At least 2 team members are doing their first Rogaine and planning to participate in navigating rather than just out for a fast run with a skilled navigator. 
The letter in brackets is used in the results for each category    eg Mixed Superveterans is XSV
Some events may also have University category where UNI is used.

Refund Policy

If you need to withdraw from an event please notify the event Admin manager as early as possible.

Refunds are paid as follows:

  • Withdrawal prior to Late Date, or anytime for medical or other urgent reason:  full refund.
  • Withdrawal after late date, but prior to event date:  Refund of event fee less an amount equal to the late fee.
  • Withdrawal on the event day: no refund,

 Online Entry Tips from our Online Entry administrator which may assist you getting online.



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