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November 24hr Adventuregaine

The Ruffian 24hr Adventuregaine (11&12-Nov) 

Below you will find all the information you need to prepare for the first ever adventuregaine in Victoria. 

For information about the 6hr event on 12 Nov, see the separate page for that event. 


24hr Adventuregaine:  Start 1300 Saturday, Finish 1300 Sunday

(includes foot and mountain bike stages, with night navigation)


Admin and Course Enquiries
 Thor Egerton
 Ph: 0499 382 621
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 






Rushworth and Whroo, 2 hours north of Melbourne CBD (Rushworth has a great country bakery and a couple of good pubs)

Rushworth P-12 College sports oval, Rushworth, VIC 3612. Entry from Rushworth-Tatura Road only!

Access route and location map, and driving directions, will be in the Final Instructions. 


The Ruffian 24hr adventuregaine is a competition where teams of two or three aim to collect as many points as possible during a 24-hour time period by navigating to checkpoints in the order chosen by the team. The Ruffian involves multiple stages of trekking and mountain biking, each stage presenting a different challenge to keep it interesting and fun. Stages must be completed in order (there is no going back). Teams must navigate through the course using only a map and compass on a route of their own choice. No checkpoints are compulsory and only one checkpoint is needed to register an official result provided the team makes it back to the finish under their own power. Each stage is effectively its own small rogaine where competitors may attempt to collect as many or as few checkpoints as they wish, making this event achievable by people of most levels of fitness and moderate ability. Strategy, precise navigation and perseverance will play a significant role in success.  The event is modelled on the very successful and popular Rogue 24hr adventuregaine which has been run for 8 consecutive years in Queensland.


Length: 24 hours (note there is also a 6 hour trek rogaine on Sunday starting at 10.00am)
Team Size: Teams of 2 or 3 (both are considered equally in results)
Categories: Mixed, Male and Female
Disciplines: Trekking, mountain biking, navigation
Cost: Adult $55  Junior $32 (Under 18)   Juniors get free entry when in a team with an adult.
Organising team: Jonathan Sutcliffe and Thorlene Egerton on behalf of the Victorian Rogaine Association


7 maps with scales varying from 1:20,000 - 1:60,000. 

Teams will be provided with duplicate sets of pre-marked, maps. These are event specific, quality rogaine maps. Teams are not permitted to use any other map.

The details of the size and scale of each map will be provided in the Final Instructions. 


Online Entry is now open for both events.  

Entry late date will be Wed 1-Nov at 11:59pm.   Online Late entries will close about Tuesday before the event.  Check the web site home page after late date for exact details.

Your entry includes:

  • Post-race food
  • Duplicate sets of event-specific maps
  • Electronic timing system
  • Remote transition(s) with shelter, ground cover, boiling water, toilet, friendly marshals (and maybe a fire)
  • Moving of transition box(es) to remote transition(s)
  • 24hrs hours of racing in beautiful terrain!

Team list including any outstanding payments will be on the VRA home page from Tuesday 7th November.

Event Indemnity Form (original link is broken) (go to and download document there - to be signed by all team members and handed in at registration.

Final Instructions and Start location

Final instructions which includes start location and how to get there will be available on the VRA home page approximately 1 week before the event. Advanced information for adventuregaine competitors will be provided here to help competitors with logistics planning. You will also receive detailed Course Notes with your maps etc when you register on Saturday 11-Nov. The course notes will include specific instructions for each stage and any open/closing times for the stages. 

Event Timings: 

The race schedule and logistics have been set to be as racer friendly as possible. The 13.00 start and the close proximity to Melbourne airport makes it possible for teams to fly in from interstate Friday night or Saturday morning and get back to work for Monday morning.


0800hrs      Car park opens

1000hrs      Registration opens for adventuregaine 

1245hrs      Briefing for adventuregaine - all must attend

1300hrs      Start - adventuregaine

1630hrs      Remote transition opens 


0830hrs      Remote transition closes

1200hrs      Hash house opens for adventuregaine

1300hrs      Finish - adventuregaine

1400hrs      Adventuregaine presentations  (approx time)


Race HQ Venue:

There will be no accommodation (camping or otherwise) provided as part of the event for Friday or Sunday nights. There will be no camping provided for Rushworth Rascal 6hr competitors on Saturday night. Shelter and ground cover will be provided at both the start/finish/hash house area and the remote transition(s) for Ruffian competitors on Saturday night. Competitors are welcome to pack sleeping bags, sleeping mats and a tent in their transition box(es) room permitting.

There is a range of accommodation options in the local area if you want to stay near to the start/finish on Friday or Sunday night. 


The Ruffian will adopt a format familiar to (and popular with) anyone who has tackled the Rogue Raid 24-hour race in Queensland. Unfortunately, due to permit difficulties and other reasons we have no kayaking stage for the event this year. However, if the event is well received this year, future events will aim to include kayaking.

Teams will be required to attempt multiple stages of alternating race disciplines.  Each stage must be attempted in order, and once a stage is completed teams may not return to it to collect missed checkpoints later, however whole stages can be skipped as no checkpoint is compulsory.  Within each stage, teams may collect as many or as few checkpoints in any order that they wish.  All check points are optional.  Any team that makes it back to Race HQ under their own power will be considered ranked with an official result.

Note that teams may only collect checkpoints that are from the current stage that they are on.  Note also that some stages of the race have “opening” and “closing” times. These will be included in the Course Notes that you receive at registration.

This format of event allows for a very social atmosphere of racing with teams constantly brought together.  Each stage of the Ruffian is separated by a transition area where an event official will be present.  Both team members must punch the transition navlight on arrival AND on departure from each transition. One team member should also notify the official on arrival at a transition.

As in any rogaine, each check point will be assigned its own score value with teams competing to collect the highest score possible. Scores will follow traditional rogaine scoring, ie. Checkpoint 22 = 20 points, 64 = 60 points. There may be multiple checkpoints with the same number but on different stages. Thus checkpoint 64 on stage 2 will be written as 2-64 and be worth 60 points. The 3-digit format (i.e. 2-64) will also be used on the checkpoints, apart from Stage 7, when the normal 2-digit format will be used (i.e. 64).

Provisional course plan:

More details in the Final Instructions and Course Notes



Start location – End location

Stage 1

Metrogaine (trek)


Stage 2

Farmland bike

HH – TA1

Stage 3

Bush trek

TA1 – TA1

Stage 4

Forest bike

TA1 – TA1

Stage 5

Bush trek

TA1 – TA1

Stage 6

Mixed terrain bike

TA1 – HH

Stage 7

Mixed bush, farmland and urban trek


HH = Start/finish/hash house

TA1 = Remote transition


Note: If you want to want to visit any checkpoints on Stages 3, 4 and/or 5, you will need to cycle to TA1 and back to HH. Minimum distance to cycle from HH to TA1 is a flat 25kms. 

There will be plenty of great riding and trekking for teams who want to travel fast and challenge themselves:

Approximately 185kms to clear the biking stages

Approximately 105kms to clear all the trekking stages

Example Course:

Whilst this is the inaugural Victorian adventuregaine event, you can get a good picture of the format from the Rogue Raid events. Full links to course maps and descriptions from the past decade of race can be found on the Results page of the Raid Adventures website (


  • 10 points deducted per minute for every minute team arrives after the course closure of 13.00 on Sunday and all points lost if back more than 30 minutes late.
  • 10 points deducted for every 3 minutes team arrives after the stage closure and any checkpoint registered after the closing time for the stage will not be included in the score.

Note: Checkpoint collection may begin as soon as the stage closes.


Thanks to electronic punching system (Navlight) scores will be able to be calculated soon after teams finish. However, since it will take time to check each teams score, results presented on the day will be provisional until checked. If a team cheats, they will be publicly named and shamed later. However, we expect rogainers to enter into the spirit of the event and there will be no misdemeanours and unreasonable stretching of rules. The rewards for competing to best of your ability will be far greater than any material reward we can present.

Gear Boxes:

Every team must provide two gear boxes for the event. The maximum size is 90L and they must have secure lids and be robust enough to have other boxes stacked on top.  These will be moved to the transition for teams to access food, clothes, spare first aid supplies, and possibly sleeping kit.

The boxes need to be clearly labelled with your team number and submitted to the specified location (as directed by volunteer officials) during the specified submission time (between 12.00-12.45).

Submission of gear boxes and bikes:

Prior to race start, both gear boxes and your bikes must be submitted to the specified location as indicated by the event officials.

Box 1, bikes (and bike helmets) – These will be placed in a marked area near to the assembly field (start/finish) location. You will get access to Box 1 between Stages 1 (metrogaine trek) and 2 (bike 1) and between Stages 6 (bike 3) and 7 (trek 4).

Box 2 – These will be submitted to the trailer for transport to the remote transition. You will have access to Box 2 between Stages 2 (bike 1) and 3 (trek 2), Stages 3 (trek 2) and 4 (bike 2), Stages 4 (bike 2) and 5 (trek 3), and Stages 5 (trek 3) and 6 (bike 3).

Shoes and helmets:

Competitors will not be required to carry their trekking shoes while cycling as long as they have a pair of trekking shoes in Transition Box 2 (and on their feet for the start trek). Thus two pairs of trekking shoes are required. The shoes used for Stage 1 (Trek 1) can be left in Box 1 for Stage 7 (Trek 4). Helmets are only required for the bike legs and therefore can be left with the bikes throughout the race (as can biking shoes).

Mandatory Equipment List:

Below is the list of mandatory equipment items to be carried by competitors on the course. This is a bare minimum of required equipment. All competitors are expected to be self-sufficient out on the course and will be travelling through some remote areas. Check the weather forecast before the event to help make your final decision on what to wear/carry, but remember that weather forecasts can be wrong and temperatures at this time of year can reach both extremes of heat and cold. In the event of an emergency, your team mate(s) will be the source of first response. Heavy penalties including deducted points right through to exclusion from the race will apply for teams found not carrying an item of mandatory equipment.

Mandatory items (all times on each person)

  • Whistle

Mandatory items (on each person, biking stages only)

  • Bike helmet
  • Front (white) and rear (red) lights, with sufficient batteries, turned on between dusk and dawn, positioned to be appropriately visible.

Mandatory items (all times on the team)

  • Basic first aid (two elasticated rolled bandages, triangular bandage, 2 large wound dressings).

Prohibited Items

  • Any form of GPS or distance measuring devices including foot pods, pedometers, step counters, etc (apart from cycle computers which are permitted)
  • Night vision goggles
  • Altimeters
  • Any maps other than those provided

Recommended Items

The above list is the bare minimum of mandatory equipment teams are required to carry on the course. It is sufficient to manage an emergency situation but not enough to get you out of trouble or to prevent you getting into trouble in the first place.

Safety is your responsibility (see further note on safety below) and so we leave it up to you to judge what equipment to wear and carry for this event. If you get too cold or your head torch batteries run out, it is your fault, not ours.

To comfortably complete the course, teams should consider carrying the following suggested items:

  • Compass (and maybe a spare)
  • Sufficient food and water for the stage (there will not be any water drops apart from on the final stage (Stage 7, Trek 4), however there will be drinking water available at the transitions include start/finish area.
  • Head torch, with sufficient batteries

Mobile phone (reception is good in some areas but patch in others. In general, you will get reception on the tops of hills).

Outdoor clothing including hats, sunglasses, gaiters, waterproof jacket, thermal top, thermal pants, waterproof pants, beanie, gloves and fleece.

  • Sunscreen, insect repellent, anti-inflammatory medication and other additional first aid such as pain relief medication and blister management stuff.
  • Survival bag or blanket.
  • Trekking poles.
  • Toilet paper and trowel.
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat (and perhaps a tent) in your choice of transition box.
  • Bike repair tools and spare parts.
  • Cycle computers


Please pay close attention to this safety notice.

Safety is your responsibility. You will be biking and trekking on public roads and in the vicinity of other users of urban and natural spaces. Just because you are participating in an event does not mean that you are protected from danger by the event organisation or by divine intervention. No roads will be closed or marshalled during the event. Do not let yourself get hit by a car as you drift across the road while reading the map. Make every reasonable attempt not to antagonise local people and animals or accidentally enter private property.

If you break road rules when on biking stages, you are not only responsible for the danger to yourself and other road uses but will be responsible for any penalties applied by the authorities for the infringement.

From our end, we have tried to limit biking through farming areas to day times (mainly to avoid upsetting dogs) and have tried to keep as much of the biking as possible on quiet (and actually very lovely) roads and tracks.

Please consider safety of you, your passengers and other road users when returning home after the event if you haven’t slept. Think about having a few hours sleep at the HH before driving.

Hash house food:

We provide food.  Bring your own plate, bowl, cup cutlery and chair. There will be vegetarian options. Food will be the VRA 'light' version for this event due to limited catering volunteers. Expect a bbq (sausages and cheese toasties), hot drinks and maybe some fruit salad and custard.

Spectators and Volunteers:

Are you thinking of spectating or following your favourite team?  Why not consider volunteering. Since you don’t know where your team is going to go, the only place to spectate is at the transitions. So, you might as well fill your time waiting.

Volunteers play an integral role in putting on any rogaine event. There are multiple small jobs for which we require assistance. These include control hanging and collection before and after the race, as well as assistance on the day with such jobs as event registration, manning transition areas, gear transport, first aid safety officers, helping the catering team, manning the finish line and photography. If you or a friend or family member are able to offer assistance, please contact the event organisers as soon as possible (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0499382621). Volunteers receive plenty of thanks, a bit of food, and those who fill a named position receive a voucher to enter a future VRA event.

Volunteering on Saturday 

We need an Admin Manager, Equipment Manager and First-aider.  

There will be no catering until Sunday after the start of the 6hr hence no catering volunteer positions on the Roster

Equipment will need to arrive by early Saturday and we should be packed up by 1800 Sunday.

First-aider - we will need first aid coverage through out the events. 

Volunteering on Sunday 

We will need the normal list of Volunteers for a 6 hour event.  There will be a little extra work as the 24hr Adventuregaine competitors will require catering between 1230 and 1400, and admin for the finish at 1300.  Being a 24 hour event we do not expect a large number of teams finishing, so the extra catering preparation work should be fairly minor.



Looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Thorlene Egerton & Jon Sutcliffe



Jon Sutcliffe

Ph: 0438 055 585

Email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thorlene Egerton

Ph: 0499 382 621


Admin Manager for Team Changes

Andrew Francis

Ph:      0421 693 645

Email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Online Entry Assistance    

Andrew Hunter

Ph:  0401 708 189

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Posted Entries if Online Entry not possible

Click to Download an entry

Complete it, include a cheque and post to:

 39 Sir Garnet Road

Surrey Hills  Vic  3127


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