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September 24hr Vic Championship & 6hr Non Championship Rogaine


22nd - 23rd September 2018

24hr Championship Rogaine noon Saturday to noon Sunday

6hr Rogaine Noon to 6 pm Saturday   (Sunset about 7:30pm)


The 24hr event is the 15th Nigel Aylott Memorial Rogaine and 43rd Victorian Rogaining Championship.

The 24hr Championship Rogaine includes a University Category in addition to our normal categories.  


Thank you Neil, Rob, Ian & Nat for volunteering to Organise and Set this event.

New information has been added about the Strathbogie Shire today (16th September).



In the Strathbogie Ranges area between Yea and Benalla and about 195km from Melbourne CBD in the vicinity of the town of Strathbogie.   



Course Enquiries                                                       Admin Manager (All Team Changes after the Late Date)

  Neil Phillips                                                                 Martin Hall
  Ph:  0417 300 400                                                      Ph:  0400 057 511
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Starting from Farm Hash House and including plenty of open farmland Rogaining this is you first chance since 2012 to experience a mostly farmland Rogaine.  With this comes the need to understand farm rules and the reason why these are so important.  To do this we have a series of stories to explain a farmer Fred's needs.   Important rules to understand relate to:

Gates - Leave all gates as you find them  Why

Fences - How to best cross a fence

Lambs - Stay well away  Why

Cattle - Keep you distance  Why

Crops - Do not cross them  Why

Vines - Do not go near them  Why


Biosecurity in Rogaining

Special course conditions apply: PLEASE WASH/CLEAN THE SOLES OF YOUR BOOTS and YOUR GAITERS (paying special attention to seeds that may be hidden in the velcro) before you leave home. This event is being held on land that includes farmland. The VRA committee takes our reponsibility not to bring seeds and other pathogens onto this land very seriously. Treat your equipment if you were presenting at the Customs inspection counter returning from New Zealand.  If rogainers bring dirty gear to this event the organisers will direct you to clean it before you start.

As Rogainers and outdoor people we visit different forests and farmland.  It is important we understand the need for Biosecurity and what action we need to take to mitigate the risk of spreading weeds or disease. Please read our Biosecurity in Rogaining information.



The map scale is 1:25,000 printed on non water-proof paper. The 24hr map is 540 mm x 580 mm with 71 checkpoints.   The 6 hour map is a cut-down section of the 24hr map measuring 305 mm x 460 mm with 44 checkpoints.    



Closed. This optional extra on 24hr events is no longer available for this event.



Bush camping is now confirmed at the Hash House site from Friday evening to late Sunday afternoon (Camping status change 16th September)

Why not treat yourself to an extra day away.

Accommodation is available adjacent to the rogaining course in bunk beds at the school camp (Roz on 5790 8679). It sleeps 36, and in each room are a pair
of bunk beds, the kitchen is fully equipped so only food needs to be bought along. Cost $20 per head a night.

At the moment it is available on Friday before the rogaine, on Saturday potentially for 6-hour participants, and on Sunday night if you don't want to drive back to Melbourne. Check with Roz for the latest availability.


Strathbogie Shire facilities/tourist information - please support the local communities and townships. (Posted 16th September)

We are guests in the Strathbogie district, and your support of the community will be much appreciated.

Coffee is available at the General Store and at the Under The Sun Café both in the main street of Strathbogie (we expect that you will be
able to buy a coffee from 0800 Saturday). 
Under The Sun offers a fish-and-chips meal on Friday evening, and pizza meal on Sunday evening (please let Doug know you are coming on 0427 317
694). The General Store specialises in toasted sandwiches.

If you pass through Euroa, stop off for a coffee at The Weekend Local café run by the Tame family who are providing our hash house site.

If you happen to be near Swanpool then look-up the program for the Swanpool Cinema.

Other attractions

There are some magnificent attractions around Strathbogie whether you want to drive or walk (Seven Creeks gorge, Golden Mountain lookout, Tallangallook mining centre, Lima Falls, Polly McQuinn's reservoir, Mt Wombat lookout, Gooram Falls, granite boulders that you will die for, Crystal King quartz mine, and 75 cm leaves that might be the longest eucalypt leaves in Victoria).



Online Entry will opened by 23-Aug-18 with late fee applicable from 11:59 pm Wednesday 12-September-2018.  Online late entry will close about Tuesday before the event.  Check the web site for the latest time after late date.

Event Entry Fees are:   

6hr Rogaine
Adults $32
Juniors $21  (under 18)   Juniors get free entry when in a team with an adult.
24hr Rogaine
Adults $48, 
Junior $23  (under 18)   Juniors get free entry when in a team with an adult.


Final Instructions and Start location

Final instructions which includes start location and how to get there will be available on the VRA home page from Tuesday 18th September.

Team lists included any outstanding payments will also be on the VRA home page from Tuesday 18th September.

Event Indemnity Form to be sign by all team members and handed in at Registration

Our Rogaining rules are no pets allowed at Rogaines either on course or at the Hash House.


Event Format:

9:00 am     Registration opens and maps issued.   3hr planning time for a 24hr Championship event.

11:45 am    Briefing - All must attend

12:00 Midday Start

4:25pm      Moon rise

5:00 pm     Approximate time the Hash House food opens.

6:00 pm     6hr Finish

6:12 pm     Sunset

6:30 pm     Approx time of 6hr presentation

All night     Hash house will run all night  (We normally get enough volunteers)

5:18 am     Moon set

6:04 am     Sunrise

12:00 Midday Sunday 24hr Finish

12:30 pm Sunday   Approx time of 24hr Victorian Championship presentation

Hash House Meal

We provide a Hash House meal at All our Rogaines and throughout the longer events.  Meals consist of BBQ sausages. Hamburgers, Vegie burgers, Stews and Soups,  Also deserts with Tea, Coffee & Milo available.    Bring your own Plate, Bowl, Cup Cutlery and Chair.

Course Enquiries

Neil Phillips
Ph:     0417 300 400     
Email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Admin Manager

Martin Hall
Ph:     0400 057 511     
Email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Online Entry Assistance       

Andrew Hunter
Ph:    0401 708 189
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Posted Entries if Online Entry not possible

Posted entries have closed. Late entries will be accepted up to 5pm Tuesday 18 September. Late fees apply to adult participants.


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