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September 6/12hr

Double Dip Spring 12 & 6 Rogaine - 14-September

6hr:    Starts at 11:00 am - 5:00 pm  

12hr:  Starts at 11:00 am - 11:00 pm  

Kimbolton State Forest, Lake Eppalock

Tribute:   (as on the home page)
This event is being set and organised by Derek Morris as a tribute to our good friend and long time rogainer, Tim Dent, who passed away last year, too soon.   Below Derek explains the special significance of this event to himself and Tim.

Tim and I both started Rogaining in April 1979. We competed against each other at Kimbolton State Forest in a 12 hour event. The event used two orienteering maps of the same area – teams had to finish one map and then collect the other. Tim was partnered with Alex Tarr (a top orienteer) and they completed the event in approximately 6 hours, just half the allocated time. Tim’s fitness, stamina and navigational ability were outstanding due to years of bushwalking and orienteering. Not long after this event, Tim was hooked, and his teams were always up there with the best. Tim himself became a benchmark. 
The idea of again using two maps of the same area but with different controls marked on them to cover a small rogaining area has been on my mind for years. Tim was my vetter for the two events I set in the Kimbolton State Forest and surrounding areas in 1999 and 2001, This event will be a fitting tribute to a legend.


Entries Enquiries 
Kelly Lane
Ph:  0405 303 031
Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course Enquiries 
Derek Morris
Ph:  0435 051 396
Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The rogaine is set in the lovely Kimbolton State Forest. This is on the western edge of Lake Eppalock, which is at 30% capacity. The forest is open and vegetation is mainly light, with a few moderate areas especially in the north east that may slow teams. Terrain is subtle to gently undulating with an intricate spur gully network. There are a few unmarked fences in the forest (be warned) and not all roads and tracks are marked on the map. Generally the course is fast and should test teams’ navigational abilities, especially at night.

Event Format:
This event will use two maps of the same area. The first map will have approximately 40 checkpoints, all of them even numbers, set over a reasonable distance and will be the only map six hour competitors receive. The 12 hour competitors will start on the same map as the six hour competitors. They will only receive the second map upon handing in the first. Teams that finish the first map before 5.00 pm will be able to plan but will have to wait until 5.00 pm to recommence the rogaine. I anticipate that only the very fastest teams will come close to completing the first map within 6 hours. Most teams will continue for 7 – 9 hours or more (so take a torch).

The second map will contain about 24 odd numbered checkpoints, set medium to hard navigation to test night time abilities. Teams who may stumble across odd numbered checkpoints while using the first map must not punch – they will not be credited with the points. 12 hour teams who are using the second map cannot punch even numbered checkpoints – or they will not be credited. Teams can only punch checkpoints on the map they are using at the time. The 12 hour teams do not have to have completed the first map to obtain the second – but noting that the navigation on the second map is much harder, it is sensible to complete most of it before commencing on the second. Teams will not be able to commence on the second map until after 5:00 pm.

All 12 hour teams must hand their first maps to me if they are going out on the second map. I will number the maps. I will not give out a second map until a team is ready to go. I do not want competitors studying the second map while they still have the first. I will supply highlighters, a plastic bag and flight plan. The 12 hour competitors only go to admin on the completion of the event, not to pick up the second map.

There will be camping for a limited number on Friday and Saturday nights. 

2 maps – 1:25,000, 10 metre contours with magnetic North lines 1 km apart.
Map 1: 400 x 400 mm, for all teams.
Map 2: 300 x 350 mm, for 12 hour teams only after 5:00 pm.
Maps printed on non-waterproof paper.

Online Entry will opened by 23-Aug-19 with late fee applicable from 11:59 pm Wednesday 4 September.  Online late entry will close about Tuesday before the event.  Check the web site for the latest time after late date.

Event Entry Fees are:   
Adults  $32 
Junior $21  (under 18)   Juniors get free entry when in a team with an adult.

Final Instructions and Start location
Final instructions which includes start location and how to get there will be available on the VRA home page from Tuesday 10th-September.
Team lists included any outstanding payments will also be on the VRA home page from Tuesday 10th-September.
Please download and complete an Indemnity Form from the Public Entry page. ALL team members must sign the form.
Our Rogaining rules are no pets allowed at Rogaines either on course or at the Hash House.
Please ready our information about Biosecurity in Rogaining and make sure you equipment is clean before you leave home.

Event Timeline:

9:00am     Registration opens for both event and maps issues.

10:45am   Briefing - All must attend

11:00am   Both 6hr and 12hr events start

3:00pm    Hash House food opens.

5:00pm     6hr Finish

5:30pm     6hr Approximate time of presentation

               Hash house remains open all evening so you can finish any time to enjoy our food.

11:00pm   12hr Finish

11:15pm   12hr Approx time of Presentation assuming all teams have return on time.

Hash House Meal
We provide a Hash House meal at our bush Rogaines and throughout the longer events.  Meals consist of BBQ sausages. Hamburgers, Vegie burgers, Stews and Soups,  Also deserts with Tea, Coffee & Milo available.    Bring your own Plate, Bowl, Cup Cutlery and Chair.

Course Enquiries
Derek Morris
Ph:       0432 270 811
Email     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Admin Manager
TBA       Kelly Lane
Ph:       0405 303 031
Email    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Online Entry Assistance    
 Andrew Hunter
Ph:  0401 708 189
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Posted Entries if Online Entry not possible
Post by Last Post (5pm) 4-Sep 
Click to Download an entry
Complete it, include a cheque and post to:
 Double Dip Spring Rogaine
 39 Sir Garnet Road
 Surrey Hills  Vic  3127
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