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Schools Rogaines

Unfortunately due to a lack of a replacement Schools Coordinator, a shortage of other resources, and changes to legislation we are unable to offer a Schools', Scouts' and Cadets' Rogaine in 2018.

All groups which participated in these events since 2015 were notified in early May of the cancellation.

Teams which previously entered these events are very welcome to enter the Public Events, subject to ability. Entry to Public rogaines is quite different to schools' entries.

All members taking part on the course must join the VRA (create a membership/complete registration), then once everyone is registered, entry to the event is by the creation of teams.

Group entries are advised to contact the Entries Coordinator or the Admin Manager for assistance as they cannot create more than one team themselves.

An indemnity form for each team must list the names of all persons who are leaving the hash house (including leaders/supervisors). Leaders should identify themselves by adding "(Leader)" after their name(s).

Leaders/supervisors do not need to be members of the VRA and are not required to pay an entry fee.


Group entry coordinators are reminded that for groups involving juniors that they will be competing amongst people who do not hold Working with Children (WWC) certification.

The VRA will endeavour to provide staff who WWC certified for mentoring and coaching roles.


This type of event may be offered in the future. We will keep you updated at regular intervals.


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