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pdf 2011 Annual Report Popular

By 2472 downloads

Download (pdf, 723 KB)

VRA 2011 Annual Report FINAL.pdf

pdf 2011 Auditors Report Popular

By 2623 downloads

Download (pdf, 70 KB)

VRA 2011 Independent Auditor's Report 4289_001.pdf

pdf 2012 AGM Minutes Popular

By 2737 downloads

Download (pdf, 51 KB)

VRA AGM Minutes 20120517.pdf

pdf 2012 Annual Report Popular

By 1988 downloads

VRA Annual Report for the 2012 calendar year.

pdf 2013 Annual Report Popular

By 957 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.21 MB)

VRA 2013 Annual Report.pdf

Annual Report of the VRA for 2013.

pdf 2014 Financial Accounts Popular

By 846 downloads

Download (pdf, 19 KB)

Accounts 2014 for review.pdf

document 2014 VRA AGM Minutes Popular

By 1206 downloads

Download (doc, 65 KB)

2015 VRA Annual General Meeting Minutes.doc

pdf 2014 VRA AGM Minutes Popular

By 1044 downloads

pdf 2014 VRA Annual Report v4 Popular

By 1911 downloads

Download (pdf, 4.30 MB)

VRA 2014 Annual Report v4.pdf

document 2015 AGM Agenda Popular

By 505 downloads

Download (doc, 56 KB)

2015 VRA Annual General Meeting Agenda.doc

pdf AGM Proposal 1205 Popular

By 2447 downloads

Download (pdf, 31 KB)

Proposed Changes to Membership and Newsletters.pdf

pdf VRA 2015 Annual Report v2 Popular

By 253 downloads

Download (pdf, 12.47 MB)

VRA 2015 Annual Report v2 published.pdf

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