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Welcome to the Victorian Rogaining Association

Rogaining is a sport for 2-99 year olds who enjoy the challenge of being outdoors. Whether you want to run, walk, picnic or simply camp at one of our overnight events we would love to see you.

Anyone who takes part in a rogaine is extended a complimentary 12 month financial membership. After this time your membership lapses but you do not need to re-register to take part in another event, because you keep your member number for life. The words register, join, become a member are synonymous but you have not actually entered a rogaine yet. If you have never entered a team or have forgotten how to do so, click on the link below

Entry Flowchart

VRA Latest News

Mullungdungogaine - Saturday 27 March 2021   
Results and Tag Prints are now available.  Our first bush Rogaine since October 2019.  Walking and running streets is no substitute for cross country travel.  Last weeks rain filled the water courses and we were fortunate there was not much rain.  Our normal atmosphere seemed missing with no mass start, no catering, no post event gathering and no presentation.  Thank you for being understanding.  Congratulations to all our category winners and over all 6hr winners Tom and Kate and 12hr winners Alaster and Paul.   Thank you Wayne for organising and setting this event in both 2020(cancelled) and 2021.  And a big thank you to all our volunteers.  To here others comments go to our Facebook page.   
Event Information Page.


Linton Run and Hope 2x6hr Rogaines and Sunday School Champs  - Saturday 1-May and Sunday 2-May 
Our popular 2x6hr format with a 6hr public Rogaine on Saturday and same again on Sunday with the Schools Rogaine also on Sunday.  To be run in the popular Rogaining area of Linton State Forest south west of Ballarat.  More Information about each event at   Saturday,    Sunday,    Schools, Scouts & Cadets.

As of March decisions are still being made about how to run the Sunday public Rogaine and Schools Rogaine in gathering of 100 or less when the Schools Rogaine us normally 5hrs.  Maybe the public event will also need to be shorter.   


ISOGAINES now available (Subject to Your Individual COVID Restrictions) 
IsoGaine is a series of navigational exercises using Maprun App for walkers, runners and cyclists on suburban streets. The first courses have been released in the Box Hill and Blackburn areas;  You can start at any point, and at any time, and your first control becomes your start/finish area.

VIRTUAL Rogaine - Dandenong Ranges Revisited now available (Subject to Your Individual COVID Restrictions) 
Based on The Rogaine on the Ranges map (from 2019) with some changes so download the current map and use with MapRun to verify your visit to each checkpoint.  Map  download and instructions including how to install and use Maprun available here.   


2021 VRA Calendar.
Click for the 2021 Calendar.   Our 2021 calendar will be filled by events partly planned for 2020.  Thank you to each of our volunteer Organiser Setters we already have for all our events in 2021.   We will need other volunteers as we get closer to each event.   

Volunteer online and update your contact details online by logging on to Online Entry.

Please consult the Volunteers Roster to see the positions that need filled for the next and forthcoming Rogaines.

From the Online Entry system you can sign up to volunteer by clicking on the smiley face after you login, select the event you wish to volunteer for, then click the "Volunteer Names List" button and select the role you want.  If you need any assistance please email Kelly Lane

 Australasian and World Rogaining Championships

The 2020 Australasian Rogaining Championship will be in South Australia, 29th & 30th May 2021  More Information.  

The 2020 World Rogaining Championships will be in Sierra Nevada, California, USA.  14th and 15th August 2021.  More Information.  



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