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pdf Course Setters Training Popular

By 2943 downloads

Download (pdf, 2.24 MB)

VRA Course Setters Training v2.pdf

Training course for people trying to set a Rogaine course.

Updated with a new background to make it easier to print.

pdf Event Briefing Notes Popular

By 3132 downloads

Download (pdf, 77 KB)

VRA 005 Event Briefing_v3.pdf

A list of items that should be discussed at the Pre-Event briefing (held just prior to the start of a Rogaine).

pdf Event Cancellation Procedure Popular

By 524 downloads

Download (pdf, 760 KB)

VRA 003 Event Cancellation Procedure_v4.pdf

The VRA has cancelled events before due to environmental risks (threat of bushfire mainly).  Place competitor and volunteer safety first, public safety next, then the reputation of the VRA, VRA assets and all others last.  If in doubt, cancel early and cancel without regrets.  The VRA committee will use the factors within this document to determine the cancellation of an event.  Events may proceed if supported by a quorum of the committee on a case by case basis.  This will be publicised on the VRA website and via email in advance of the event.

pdf Event Coordinator Manual Popular

By 3733 downloads

Download (pdf, 254 KB)

VRA 004 Event Cordinators Manual_v6.pdf

This is the document that an Event Coordinator should use to coordinate the Rogaine.

(Note: updated Oct 2011)

pdf Event Map Checklist Popular

By 3746 downloads

Download (pdf, 71 KB)

VRA 010 Map Checklist_V8.pdf

This is the checklist you should use on your map, Checkpoint Description sheet and Flight Plan prior to printing to ensure that you have covered all the minimum requirements, and to ensure that you haven't forgotten anything.

pdf Fact Sheet for Glenluce 0419 Popular

By 441 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.54 MB)

Fact Sheet_DDWCAC_ACH and LUAA_Feb 2017.pdf

document Final Instructions template and Indemnity Form Popular

By 2469 downloads

Download (doc, 96 KB)

VRA 006 Final Instructions Template v4.3 and Indemnity Release Form _v4.doc

A word document template to be used for the basis of your Final Instructions for the Rogaine. Contains the Indemnity Release form as the last page.  Updated to version 4 for clearer identification of the VRA on the indemnity release form..

document Intention Sheet (with orange background) Popular

By 1492 downloads

Download (doc, 58 KB)


Checkpoint intention sheet (with orange triangle)

document Intention Sheet (without orange background) Popular

By 1414 downloads

Download (doc, 72 KB)


Checkpoint intentions sheet (without any background)

pdf Metrogaine Coordinator Checklist Popular

By 2844 downloads

Download (pdf)

Metrogaine Coordinator Chesklist.pdf

An additional checklist for MetroGaine Event Coordinators.

document Metrogaine Score Sheet Template Popular

By 1615 downloads

Download (rtf, 74 KB)

Metrogaine Score Sheet Template.rtf

Score Sheet template for holding a MetroGaine.

document Metrogaine Scoresheet Answer Template Popular

By 1695 downloads

Scoresheet answer template for holding a MetroGaine.

pdf Mini Poster for Glenluce 0419 Popular

By 273 downloads

Download (pdf, 292 KB)

Dja Dja Wurrung - Index_of_mini_poster_series.pdf

spreadsheet Risk Register Popular

By 1954 downloads

Download (xls, 43 KB)

VRA Risk Register v1.xls

A generic Risk Register for the VRA for your Event.  This is required by some landowners to obtain a permit to conduct a Rogaine on their land.  This doc should be tailored to specific risks for your event.

pdf Safety, Search and Rescue Manual Popular

By 2715 downloads

Download (pdf, 144 KB)


Search and Rescue manual.

pdf Scouts Checklist Popular

By 2791 downloads

Download (pdf, 107 KB)


Checklist for scout groups for use at the School's Champs.

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