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March 6/12hr Rogaine

Mullungdungogaine 6/12 Hour  - 27th March

Three wave start for the 6hr Rogaine at 10:00am, 12:00 midday  and 1:00 pm

One wave starts for the 12 hr at 11:00am     

Update 5-Mar --  The Covid Safe changes for this event are described below for your information before entering.  For all our usual event information scroll down.

Update 14-Mar - No Hash House Cater will be provided for this event.  See update below.

Update 15-Mar - Click here to read our Covid Safe Plan and Covid Safe Event Registration.  

Update 24-Mar Accommodation/Camping:  Please note the following clarification to camping arrangements for Competitors and Volunteers at the event, and we apologise for any inconvenience or confusion that this may have caused.  Our approved event permit allows only for volunteer camping at the Hash House, with Competitor camping located approximately 5km away.  We had previously advised camping for entrants at the Hash House - this is now not permitted.  Details for the Big Tower camping area are in the Final Instructions.

We will have new Silva Field Compasses available to purchase at the Rogaine shop.  It has been decided for Covid reasons to not hire compasses.

Final Instructions, Event Map, Notes for Route Planning and Team Lists now available.  The Notes for Route Planning provides tips about thicker vegetation areas to avoid.

Online Entry is now closed.  No new teams will be accepted.  Team changes can be made by contacting our Admin Manager.

Admin Manager - Team Changes
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
0411 020 111

Course Enquiries
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
0403 766 048

Summary of what will be different to stay Covid Safe for this event:

When entering you will have the option to enter 1 of 4 events. The 10am, 12 Midday and 1pm starts are separate wave starts of the 6hr Rogaine,   The 11am start is the only wave start for the 12hr Rogaine.  Please enter the event durations and for the 6hr Rogaine the starting at a time of your preference and note you must check in and start at that time on the day. This is a Covid safe requirement to limit groups to 100 or less.
As start times fill up, entries for some start times may be closed.  In the unlikely event all waves reach their entry limit we will close entries prior to late date.

If on event day you are in anyway a Covid risk (Refer to our Covid Safe plan) do not attend and contact MarchThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a full refund.  In the event any of our events are cancelled for any reason our policy is to pay a full refund. Refer our Refund Policy. Teams who pay by Paypal will be able to receive their refund much quicker and with less volunteer effort.  Bpays cannot be refunded and requires us to arrange an EFT to your bank account. 

Pay with Credit or Debit card
This is the new norm for Rogaining.  You may now pay via Credit/Debit card or paypal while Bpay payment remains an option.   To pay via Credit/Debit card or Paypal, complete your entry, view your team, click View Invoice and scroll down to the Paypal option and click Submit Payment.  To pay by credit card without logging on to a Paypal account click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card.      Note: Paypal do the secure handling of your Credit/Debit card details.   

Check in at Event
Please do not arrive to check in more than 60 minutes before your selected start time. This ensures our groups of 100 do not interact with each other at the start.
Check in still requires all team members to be there. Only one team contact will approach the Check in desk while other team members stay 1.5m back. Once you have checked in and received your maps, intentions map and checkpoint descriptions return to your car for preparation or move directly to the briefing area ready for your start.
There will be reduced course planning time between Check in and Briefing. To allow course planning we will make the map available to download from Thursday 25-Mar. Ensure you have your correct email address in the Rogaine entry system otherwise you will not receive communication about where to access the online map. Please also verify your phone number as that is required should contact tracing be required.  Because we know many people do not have their correct phone number in their member record we will also ask each team member their phone number on the Indemnity form in case contact tracing is required.

We will be using Navlight scoring.  When wrist Tags are issued we’ll ask teams to assist their team mates to fit the tags to each other.

We will have new Silva Field Compasses available to purchase at the Rogaine shop.  It has been decided for Covid reasons to not hire compasses.

All team members must attend briefing.  For your own protection move away from the briefing entry to maintain your Covid spacing. Our intention is all teams can maintain 1.5mtr spacing however this is probably a good time to be wearing your mask until teams disperse.
Briefing will provide a reminder of important rules.

For 6hr Rogaines we ask you to finish in the 30 minutes before your scheduled finish time to limit your finish group to the same people you started with. The few teams finishing earlier or later may be linked to more than one wave start group in the event of contacts needing to be traced.

For the 12hr Rogaine we ask you to avoid finishing or returning to the Hash House until after 7:30pm to maintain your distance from the 6hr Rogaine groups.

Punches at checkpoints will be solidly mounted to allow you to place the tag to a punch with no need to handle the punch.   The Briefing and Finish Punches will also be mounted in the same way.

At the finish and after punching the finish punch we’ll ask teams to cut the tag off each other using scissors from our sanitizing bath.   Place the tags in a plastic bag lined container and we’ll seal the bag for reading the punch.  Please move away from the finish area after handing in you tags.  

There will be no printouts issued or result read at the event.  

There will be no catering as we know it at the completion of the event.   We will have drinking water available and normal water drops (with foot operated pumps), At the time of opening entries  (5-Mar), due to the lack of volunteers to help run the event, there will not be any other catering provided. However, if more volunteers become available, we will provide hot water for tea, coffee, Milo and instant noodles packaged in their own cup (Just add Water).  You will be informed in the final instructions about the catering situation.

However we do need teams to leave the Hash House marque area within 30 minutes of your finishing time if you start in the 12 midday start as the next wave will begin to finish. (This is not how we want to run, however this is a Covid limitation when running waves only 60 minutes apart.)

No Hash House Catering
There will be no catering at the Hash House for this event.  There will be drinking water available at the Hash House and at water drops on course (No Fruit)  Make you own plans for food throughout the event and after the event.  

Covid Safe Plan and Covid Safe Checklist 
Click for Covid Safe Plan and Covid Safe Registration checklist.

No Camping for Rogainers at the Hash House due to permit conditions. TDetails of an alternative camping area available in Final Instructions.  


Mullungdung Forest - North of Woodside in South Gippsland. This is a chance to explore an area not rogained for many years.  2.5 hours driving time from the CBD. 
This is the event we were planning in 2020 and was cancelled.

The course is set for 6hr and 12hr Rogainers. There are 6 checkpoints within 1 km and 15 within 2 km of the HH to help those getting started. The checkpoints space out further out and the Hash House is centrally located. 12hr Rogainers could return for dinner or plan plenty of time to get the close in Checkpoints on their way home in the dark. Some of the watercourses have very thick scrub so traversing along them might be hard work. The southern parts of the course tend to have lighter scrub.

Sorry we have had to cancel camping at the Hash House for Rogainers for this event due to permit restrictions.  An alternative camping options is described in Final Instructions.  Other accommodation available at Yarram or Traralgon with scattered B&B options in the area. 

Scale of 1:25,000 with 10m contours printed on non water proof paper.

Online Entry will opened by 5-Mar with Late date 17 March.

Event Entry Fees are:   
Adults  $32 
Junior $21  (under 18)   Juniors get free entry when in a team with an adult.

Final Instructions and Start location
Final instructions which includes start location and how to get there will be available on the VRA home page from Tuesday 23 March.

Team lists included any outstanding payments will also be on the VRA home page from Tuesday 23-March.

Please download and complete an Indemnity Form from the Public Entry page. ALL team members must sign the form.

Event Format:

9:05am         Check in open for 10am 6hr wave starts

9:50am         Briefing opens   All in 10am start must attend

10:00am       Wave Starts

10:05am       Check in opens for 11am 12hr wave start

10:50am       Briefing opens   All in 12 hr event must attend

11:00am       Wave Starts

11:05am       Check in opens for 12 midday 6hr wave start

11:50am       Briefing opens   All in 12 noon start must attend

12:00midday Wave Starts

12:05am       Check in opens for 1pm 6hr wave start

12:50am       Briefing opens   All in 1pm start must attend

1:00pm         Wave Starts

4:00pm        6hr 10:00am wave finish

6:00pm        6hr 12:00midday wave finish

7:00pm        6hr 1:00pm wave finish

11:00pm      12hr finish

No Hash House Catering
We normally provide a Hash House meal at our bush Rogaines.  Covid-19 restrictions have forced a change to this.  There will be no catering for this event.  There will be drinking water available at the Hash House and at water drops however no fruit at water drops. Teams need to provide all their own food.

Course Enquiries
Wayne Merry
Ph:      0403 766 048
Email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Admin Manager
Karen Dukes  
Ph:      0411 020 111
Email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Online Entry Assistance    
Andrew Hunter
Ph:       0401 708 189
Email    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Orienteering Maxi that's like a Rogaine
Our friends at Orienteering Victoria & Nillumbik Emus Orienteering are running their Maxi this year on Anzac Day.  The Maxi is a Rogaine style event of 3hrs or 90 minutes for solo or teams and this year has a 6hr event for teams of two of more.  That does sound like a Rogaine and it’s set by Rogaining legend Derek Morris at Muckleford near historic Maldon.  Click for more information

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