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May Saturday 6hr Public Rogaine

Linton Run and Hope 6Hr BUSH ROGAINE

This page is for Saturday 1-May 2021 of this 2x6hr Rogaining weekend

Both Saturday and Sunday have events open to public entries.  Sunday also has an event reserved for Schools, Scout and Cadets.   

Wave start are now permitted to be larger and we're planning up to 250.  The limit is now 1 person per 2 square metres at the start and finish.  Briefing and finish punching will be when competitors will need to be vigilant about physical distancing.

10am start 4pm finish single wave start limited to 250 people.

Admin Manager - Team Changes
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
0429 338 217

Course Enquiries
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0407 998 240

Summary of what will be different to stay Covid Safe for this event:

Click for our CovidSafe Plan and  COVIDSafe Public Event Registration

Return to normal with only one start time.  However we reserve the right to close the 10am start and create a 9:30am start if entries exceed 250 for the Saturday event.   We also reserve the right to decide 200 may be our limit to manage at Briefing and Finish.    If we can manage 200 – 250 well in May we’ll be able to open up for event more in June.

If on event day you are in anyway a Covid risk (Refer to our Covid Safe plan) do not attend and contact MayThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a full refund.  In the event any of our events are cancelled for any reason our policy is to pay a full refund. Refer our Refund Policy. Teams who pay by Paypal will be able to receive their refund much quicker and with less volunteer effort.  Bpays cannot be refunded and requires us to arrange an EFT to your bank account. 

Pay with Credit or Debit card
This is the new norm for Rogaining starting in 2021.  You may now pay via Credit/Debit card or paypal while Bpay payment remains an option.   To pay via Credit/Debit card or Paypal, complete your entry, view your team, click View Invoice and scroll down to the Paypal option and click Submit Payment.  To pay by credit card without logging on to a Paypal account click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card.      Note: Paypal do the secure handling of your Credit/Debit card details.   

Check in at Event
Check in will open 2hrs before your start time.  That’s a return to normal hence no map made available online.   We do expect teams to register and return to their cars to do planning which is what almost all teams do anyway. 

“The VRA is now required to use the Victorian government QR code service or equal for covid contact tracing. All visitors to a VRA event site must now covid check in using the VRA covid QR code. To minimise delays and problems at the event, could all people going to the event please install the Service Victoria covid app before the event. Refer for download information.

There will be a station before the equipment and indemnity form check at each event where the QR code will be displayed. Competitors will QR scan and register.  A volunteer marshals will then confirm check in has been successful (a green tick on the app indicates successful covid check in) before further Rogaine check in happens. We will also have a back up if the QR code does not work for some. 

For more details see. , and the paragraph on Electronic record keeping.”

Check in still requires all team members to be there. Only one team contact will approach the Check in desk while other team members stay at least 1.5m back. Once you have checked in and received your maps, intentions map and checkpoint descriptions return to your car for preparation.

We will be using Navlight scoring almost as normal.  When wrist Tags are issued we’ll ask teams to assist their team mates to fit the tags to each other.

Compass Hire will be available again at Rogaine shop.

Each member of the team must carry a working torch during the event. Each team must carry a phone. An equipment check may be undertaken by a volunteer under the direction of the Admin Manager.

All team members must attend briefing.  Please punch the Briefing punch which will be fix mounted for contactless punching.  Drop your intentions map in the box and please move away from the briefing entry to maintain your Covid spacing. Our intention is all teams can maintain 1.5mtr spacing and the briefing corral will be larger than normal to ensure sufficient space.

Finish when you decide you have had enough.  (or within 6hrs)   Punch on the fix mounted finish punches.   Move to the cut off area where you use scissors from the sanitising bath to cut each others tags off.  Drop your tags in a tags bath and the wrist band in the bin.   Yet to be decided if we’ll make tag printouts available at finish or not.  There will not be any presentation.

We will have drinking water available and normal water drops (with foot operated pumps).

However we do need teams to leave the Hash House marque area within 30 minutes of your finishing time if you start in the 12 midday start as the next wave will begin to finish. (This is not how we want to run, however this is a Covid limitation when running waves only 60 minutes apart.)

Hash House Catering
There will be a return of limited catering.  With the assistance of a Lions Club we’ll provide a sausage sizzle snack.   It is not our usual meal/feast.   Planning is for 2 sausages per person and collect both with one visit please.    At the time of opening entries  (5-Mar), due to the lack of volunteers to help run the event, there will not be any other catering provided. However, if more volunteers become available, we will provide hot water and tea, coffee, Milo Self Service food is still disallowed under covid rules.  

We do have a foot operated drinking water tap available.

Water Drops
There will be no fruit at water drops.   Water is available from a foot pump tap at each water drop. 


About this event

This event is a 6hr Rogaine on Saturday and the same again on Sunday.  Consider competing one day and volunteering the other day by logging onto the online entry system and clicking on View/Edit Volunteer.   We also need volunteer experienced Rogainers to assist on Sunday with the Schools Scouts and Cadets team checks.  Assess their gear and ability to navigate.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view to volunteer.   Some on course coaches may also be required and must have a current Working With Children's Check to do this role.

Linton which is about 30km South West of Ballarat.

The Course will be set to cater for Secondary age juniors from Scouts, Cadets and school teams competing on the Sunday

Same course on both days so please consider competing one day and volunteering on the other.

Limited camping for Volunteers is expected to be available at the Hash House. There is some B&B style accommodation in the local area and lots of accommodation in nearby Ballarat.  

Map & Terrain
Gently undulating terrain and open forest will make this a very pleasant event.  The map will be 1:25000 scale with 10 metre contours, printed on A3 paper. (Non Waterproof for the public event)

Online Entry will opened by 4-April-20 with late fee applicable from 11:59 pm Wednesday 21-April-2021.  Online late entry will close about Monday before the event.  Check the web site for the latest time after late date.

PUBLIC Event Entry Fees are:   
Adults $32 
Junior $21  (under 18)   Juniors get free entry when in a team with an adult.
Refer to Schools Event page for Schools event fees.
Final Instructions and Start location
Final instructions which includes start location and how to get there will be available on the VRA home page from Tuesday 27th April.

Team lists included any outstanding payments will also be on the VRA home page from Tuesday 27th April.

Please download and complete an Indemnity Form from the Public Entry page


Event Format:

08:00 am    Registration opens

09:45 am    Briefing Corral opens

10:00 am    Start

3:30 pm     Sausage Sizzle Catering opens.

4:00 pm     Finsh

4:30 pm     Catering closes

There will be no presentation or reading of result at the event.

Hash House Meal

We normally provide a Hash House meal at our Rogaines and throughout the longer events.  Covid-19 restrictions are making things more difficult however we do have a plan to provide a sausage sizzle snack for everyone. It will be a sausage in bread and napkin and no need for Plate, Bowl, cutlery and chair.

Assuming we have enough volunteers we will provide tea/coffee, Milo, milk and sugar so bring a cup.   The will not be any washing up trough though.  

Course Enquiries
Geoff Hudson
Ph:       0407 998 240
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Admin Manager For Saturday (All Team Changes after the Late Date)
Dianne Hebard
Ph:      0429 338 217
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      
Online Entry Assistance     
Andrew Hunter
Ph:      0401 708 189
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
After Entries Late date please contact the Admin Manager for entries requests.
Orienteering Maxi that's like a Rogaine
Our friends at Orienteering Victoria & Nillumbik Emus Orienteering are running their Maxi this year on Anzac Day.  The Maxi is a Rogaine style event of 3hrs or 90 minutes for solo or teams and this year has a 6hr event for teams of two of more.  That does sound like a Rogaine and it’s set by Rogaining legend Derek Morris at Muckleford near historic Maldon.  Click for more information
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