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Do you need a Partner for your Team?

 Step 1. Have you been to a rogaine before?

YES - You will have been issued with a VRA member number - Go to Step 2 - If you don't know your number contact Andrew Hunter. Please do not re-register

NO - Join us here. You will receive an email from us with your member number. This part is free.


Step 2. Have all your other team members been issued VRA member numbers?

YES - Go to Step 3

NO - Ask other team members who are not members to join us using this link here. Registration is free. Then ask them to send you their VRA member numbers.


Step 3. Create your Team

One of the people in the team needs to log in to their member profile at the Online Entry page.

Click on "View Events" in the green side menu.

Click on the name of the event you wish to enter (in some cases the same event may be offered on different days)

Click on the "Enter Team" button below the Event description.

Enter the first team member's number.

Click "Add to team"

Repeat this process for other members by entering the next person's member number and clicking on "Add to Team"

Lastly Click on "Select Contact" for the person who is entering the team.


Step 4. Submit the Team

When you see all of your team members listed select "Submit Team". You should now be entered in the event. A pop up window should now be seen with your team's invoice. From the Team Invoice you can use the BPAY details to pay from your Bank or Use the Paypal option to pay by Credit card or through your Paypal account.   

Late fees $18 per adult member ($15 for CBDgaine) so we encourage you to submit your team on time.


Step 5. Team Changes

It is not possible to change a team once it has been submitted. Please contact Andrew or the Admin Manager to make a team change (add a member, substitute a member, withdraw a member)

The person whose name was set as the Contact will receive a thank you email with further instructions.


Step 6. Check your enrolment

In the week leading up to a rogaine, we publish team lists for the teams which have successfully entered. You can access these team lists on the VRA Latest News page