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How do I Begin?

Simply choose an event you'd like to participate in from the events calendar, and either enter online or fill in the paper  entry form, and mail it to the event administrator.

To enter online, Go to Online Entry,  click on 'I would like to Join the Association'  option under the login button.  There is no fee to join.  You need a member record to enter a team.

As part of your event entry you will get all you can eat at the event, and a high quality map made by one of our members. Oh, and you'll get access to a wonderful part of Victoria that you may never have been to, and may never get access to again (since we run several events on private land which we get special permission to use!)

After you've done a few events, don't forget to volunteer to help run one. This can involve helping out with cooking at the event, driving equipment up to the event site, collecting checkpoint markers after the event, or even setting or coordinating an event. The volunteering is terrific fun, and as all our events are run by volunteers, it is an essential part of being a member of the VRA.

If you'd like to find out more about Rogaining in Victoria, feel free to contact our Membership Secretary, Phil Giddings on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check the contact page for a phone number.

pdf Which Way is North (2.35 MB)  is a resource to explain much more detail. 

Final you should read the Event Entry page for information important to entering an event.    



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