Volunteers required

         RoleSeptember 24hr Sunday
23/09/2018 V180923
October 6hr Rogaine
20/10/2018 E181020
November 6/12hr Rogaine
17/11/2018 V181117
Event Co-ordinatorIan HerbertHeather LeslieAndrew Piddington
Map makerNot RequiredVacantAndrew Piddington
Setter 1Not RequiredJohn GavensAndrew Piddington
Setter 2Not RequiredGlenn MartiniVacant
Setter 3Not RequiredKate GavensVacant
Vetter 1Not RequiredTom LothianDianne Hebard
Vetter 2Not RequiredAlan CookeAnneke Thomson
Vetter 3Not RequiredSofie van GunsterenBeth Donegan
Checkpoint placer 1Not RequiredVacantReg Venn
Checkpoint Placer 2Not RequiredVacantThais Venn
Checkpoint Placer 3Not RequiredVacantVacant
Catering ManagerNorman O'BryanHelen AlexanderVacant
Catering Assistant MgrSue NoyVacantVacant
Admin ManagerNot RequiredVacantDianne Hebard
Navlight ManagerWayne MerryVacantBridget Puszka
Equipment ManagerNot RequiredVacantVacant
Equipment AssistantNot RequiredVacantVacant
Event First AiderMargaret BeavisVacantVacant
Water DropsNat PhillipsVacantAnneke Thomson
Water drop assistantNot RequiredVacantVacant
Helper1 Admin and CateringNot RequiredAshwin ShahShirley Palmer
Helper2 Admin and CateringNot RequiredVacantVacant
Helper3 Admin and CateringNot RequiredVacantVacant
Helper4 Admin and CateringNot RequiredVacantVacant
Helper5 Admin and CateringNot RequiredVacantVacant
Helper 11 CateringJane CameronAnanya Mellekatte SubhashJun Okabe
Helper 12 CateringMargaret BeavisVacantMiki Okabe
Helper 13 CateringMartin HallVacantVacant
Helper 14 CateringChristine HallVacantVacant
Helper 15 CateringWendy WrightNot RequiredVacant
Helper21 Night ShiftCatherine CrockNot RequiredNot Required
Helper22 Night ShiftNeil PhillipsNot RequiredNot Required
Check Point Pick Up 01Nat PhillipsVacantVacant
Check Point Pick Up 02Prue DobbinVacantVacant
Check Point Pick Up 03Ian HerbertVacantVacant
Check Point Pick Up 04Neil PhillipsVacantVacant
Check Point Pick Up 05Genevieve JohnstoneVacantVacant

Click to log on and volunteer.
Once logged on go to ‘View/Edit volunteers’ select an event,
Click Volunteer Name list and click add me against the role you want to volunteer for.