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Event Volunteer Roles

The volunteer Roles we need to organise and run each Rogaine Event.

Event Co-ordinator

Generally a person with some experience Rogaining however no need to be a competitive Rogainer.  Working with the Course Setter they will decide the course area, Hash house site and obtain permission months before the event.  Following a manual, the organiser will monitor the event planning.  The Committee Competition Manager will be the organiser key contact for advise and resources.    

Once the event site is determined and permission obtained, map preparation and course planning begins.  The roles of mapper and Setter can be are separate roles or done by the event organiser.

Other things to plan include course vetting and changes.  Map printing   Intentions Maps, CP descriptions,  Hash house facilities such as Toilet hire.  Special volunteers requirement such as parking supervision.  

As the day approaches all tasks need to be complete.  The committee has team members looking after some aspects such as volunteer rostering,  Checkpoints Navlight Programing  Entries and Admin Manager training,   Catering Manager training.  



Course Setter will initially work with the Event Co-ordinator planning the course area Hash House Site and Permission.   One the area is decided and a draft map prepared course planning begins.   Check points are taped and mapped.  Details are provided to independent vetters to check the course.   Some adjustment may be required after vetting.



The VRA’s recommended mapping tool is Corel Draw and the VRA has access to base maps for all Victorian areas.   Documentation is available to get you started using Corel Draw.  The VRA has a laptop computer available to provide you access to Corel Draw.   This role is best performed by a person with some knowledge of mapping software or prepared to spend the time to learn Corel Draw from our documentation.



The Vetter/s check the course for both accuracy of Checkpoint location and other safety issues and enjoyability issues.  A course check sheet is available to prompt for checks to be made.   Vetters need to be available in the weeks before the event and need to be confident in their navigation ability.  Vetters are looking for a taped tree not a large Checkpoint board.


Catering Manager

The Hash House will cater for 200 to 400 people depending on the event.   A large back yard BBQ with a bit more than just the BBQ.   As we do this most months we have soup and stew receipts to choose from and guidelines on quantities required to cater for the number of Rogainers entered.   Entries close about 10 days before an event so that we know the numbers to cater for.   Prior to the event receipts are planned and suppliers selected.  Once the entries numbers are known orders are placed.   In the days shortly before the event and on event day food is either deliver or collected and transported to the Hash House.  Some of the general Helpers will be available to assist with Food Transport if required.   

At the event we have helpers rostered.  About 5 of the helpers will work on Registration prior to moving over to catering.  During the day Admin becomes quiet so normally plenty of helpers are available.   We need them all when Rogainers start to finish.  Catering Manager will provide the receipts and food for helpers to prepare.  Health and food handling guidelines are available and issues to Helpers working on catering

After the event there is the clean up work so that all equipment is packed away clean ready for the next Rogaine.   Helpers assist with this.


Admin Manager

Prior to the event you will be given Admin access to the online entry system and some training.  What you use to enter each Rogaine is what you use as an Admin Manager.  As an Admin Manager you can see all team,  change teams, transfer people and teams and see payment details.   Most entries are done online,  After late date there will be team changes as some people withdraw and some may be replaced by a new person.   Bpays are process for you by the Committee.   Admin enter any posted entries which is typically 1 per event in 2016 and reducing.   

In the week before a Rogaine the Online System is closed, the data is transferred to a laptop and provided to you with boxes of Admin supplies including Rogaine shop.  Accessing the data on the Laptop is the same as on the web only use a different bookmark.   The Admin Manager prepares the List of teams used at Registration.   The Admin Manager will normally handle all team changes and late entries and payments at Registration. 

The Admin Manager will normally have 7 people including them self and the Navlight Manager to run registration.   Training for Helpers is normally short and simple as most already know what happens when they register.

After event start; team changes need to be updated in the Entry System and an updated Navlight File produced for the Navlight Manager.  After Navlight data is provided, payments can be recorded in the Entry System.  The system produces reports and Excel files of teams and payments received and anything still outstanding.   These reports are available to the committed once the data is transferred from the Laptop back to the web.   Any post event updates may be done on the web so the entry system can be opened quickly for the next event and volunteer updates.


Navlight Manager

Navlight Laptop and the Punches are programed by a committee representation.  This person also provide the event Navlight Manager training on using Navlight.   Once trained most of the work is on event day.   Navlight Tags to be issued at registration.  These normally travel to the event with the Navlight Manager.  During the event Navlight to be set up,  Load the file from the entry system and normally use a test team to confirm all is working.   Plan the finish shoot and be ready for Rogainers as the finish.  It does get busy at around finish time.  The Navlight Manager concentrates on operating Navlight.  The Admin Manager can manage other issues.   Soon after teams finish produce the results for presentation and loading to the web.  A committee person will load the results and tag prints to the web.   


Equipment Manager & Assistant

Book and hire a truck for the weekend and typically pick up the truck Friday afternoon.  Plan loading at the VRA store in Braybrook early enough to get to the Hash House at the required time.  An assistant to load is required.  The work is not heavy as most equipment is in trolleys but does require two people.   The committee will work with you to plan an assistant, typically from the committee, if you volunteer without an assistant.  

Get the equipment to the Hash House site at least 1 hour before Registration open time.  Set up the Hash House working with the event co-ordinator, committee assistance and often other Rogainers who have arrived early.   If set up early an Equipment Manager (and assistant) can compete in the Rogaine.  

After the event pack equipment back in trolleys, load the truck and return to the store.  Assistance at the Hash House is generally available.  An assistant at the VRA store to unload is required and again the committee will ensure you get this assistance.  All expenses are reimbursed by the VRA.


First Aid

Generally this person does another role at the hash house and is available if required.  This person does need a current certificate 1 or higher first aid such as nurse or medical qualification.  If interested in getting you First aid Certificate and volunteering please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view to discuss how we will assist with the cost of doing the course in return for being a volunteer First Aider at an event.     Our First Aid person also need a current Working With Childrens check.


Water Drops

Most often an All Wheel drive or 4WD 4 seater is required.   Normally water drops deliver water and fruit to water drops on the morning prior to the event.  Drive the Safety Road once ever 3 hours and topping up water and fruit at check points.  Providing a lift back to the Hash House for any teams withdrawing.    Normally back at the Hash House for the peek Finish time to assist at the finish.



Helper assist with Registration and Catering.  Typically 5 helpers are required to arrive for registration and need to arrive 15 minutes before the advertised Registration open time.  The roles are Registration check in, Rogaine Shop, Equipment Check and issuing navlight tags.  After event start there is some spare time before catering preparation work begins.  Some Helpers can assist with collection and/or transporting food to the hash house and may arrive later.  All Helpers will assist with catering food preparation during the day.   Typically we need most at finish time hence we have plenty of helpers to share the workload preparing food.     


From late 2016 we will be using the below more specific role descriptions to assist with you choosing the role suited to you or hours you are available.

Helpers Admin and Catering

Helper assist with Registration and Catering.  Typically 5 helpers are required to arrive for registration and need to arrive 15 minutes before the advertised Registration open time.  The roles are Registration check in, Rogaine Shop, Equipment Check and issuing navlight tags.  After the event start there is some spare time for a break before catering preparation work begins.   We need all helpers assisting at the peek finish time and with the clear up and pack up after the event.  We will be packed and ready to leave approx 2hrs after the event.  Normally there is no need for a Catering Helper to return to Admin for the finish as a Event Organisers, Water drops people and maybe an early finisher assist the Admin Manager and Navlight Manager for the 30 minute peek finish time. 


Helper Catering

Catering Helpers need to arrive 5 hrs before the first event finish time to assist with food preparation.   We may ask for assistance with food pickup or transport.  The work is food preparation during the day ready for Hash House opening approx 1 hour before event finish time.   We need all helpers assisting at the peek finish time and with the clear up and pack up after the event.  We will be packed and ready to leave approx 2hrs after the event.   For 12 hr and 24hr events a smaller number of people will be required at any one time on Catering.  Each person can be rostered off for a break and sleep.


Helper Night shift 

Only required for 24hr Rogaines.    For 24hr events we will ask for to Night Shift Helpers who can arrive in the evening.  Work through to 6am then finished for a sleep and free to go home.  Breaking the night shift up into shorter shifts covered by more people is another options.


Helper Finish

Only required for events not using Navlight such as Metrogaines.  There is more work required at finish time to do manual scoring and checking.   These volunteers can arrive just for the finish.   These volunteers may be a person planning to compete however finish an hour early.


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