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Volunteers FAQ


  • Where does the VRA get its people to run events?
  • What is involved in running an event?
  • Should I do it? - Is it a fun / rewarding or a hard work experience?
  • How much will it cost (will I be subsidised etc)?
  • What is my time commitment?
  • What help is available?
  • Who do I contact to get involved?
  • How else could I support the VRA?
    - Committee Positions


Where does the VRA get its people to run events?

The VRA is completely run by volunteers, members of the organisation and their family and friends. We have no paid people.

Each year it takes about 350 people to run the events and about another 40 people to do the committee and additional tasks like write and distribute the newsletter and look after the membership database.

If you enjoy Rogaining we need you to put back in, to keep the events happening.

What is involved in running an event?

Each event has an:

Event Coordinator who leads the organisation of that event. There are a number of managers who oversee different aspects of each event and lots of helpers

Setter (very often the event coordinator) Selects the course site, gains permission from the land owners, sets the location of checkpoints, hash house and water drops. Oversees the checkers, vetters and map maker

Checkers Visits the course several weeks pre event, checks the location of the checkpoints, comments on the course layout and safety (VRA has 2 GPS to assist you)

Vetters Visits the course usually within 2 weeks of the event and hangs the checkpoints out.

Map maker prepares the event map from the information given to them by the setters (VRA has a computer which can be borrowed for this task)

Catering Manager Plans the menu and transport of food to the event, supervises catering helpers on the day. (VRA has manuals to assist in this process)

Catering Helpers Turns up on event day and is instructed by the Catering Managers in the preparation and serving of the food.

Admin Manager Receives the entries, puts entries into VRA computer, supervises admin helpers on the event day, banks money and sends results and reports to various people (receives VRA computer and instruction in its use and manuals 3 weeks before event)

Admin Helpers Turns up on event day and is instructed by the Admin Manager in the process of registration of competitors before the event and result production after the event.

Equipment Manager hires a truck (no special license required) collects equipment from VRA store, transport equipment to and from event and sets up equipment at the event location. Manager needs at least one assistant with this task.

First Aid Officer Takes charge of first aid at the event and also usually helps with admin or catering. (Person needs a current first aid, nursing or medical qualification). Periodically, (currently annually) VRA organizes a first aid course for members. The course is heavily subsidized by the VRA. In return for the subsidy the VRA expects the new first aider to volunteer in the capacity of first aid within a year. The VRA may subsidise members that organize their own course, that intend to volunteer for a later event. Contact VRA first aid officer for more info.

Water Drops people Travels the safety route marked on the map in a car, to refill water drops and collect any competitors in trouble.

Should I do it? - Is it a fun / rewarding or a hard work experience?

There are lots of benefits gained from helping at a Rogaine


  • It is great way to meet new Rogainers, who are overall lots of fun, as they have a common interest. People come from different walks of life and from a wide range of ages. At the Hash House people get up to all sorts of silliness and you will never know till you join in. You don't work the whole time. Usually you get some time off to go and explore the course for at least a few hours
  • Course work setting / vetting / checking is a great way to get out into the bush without the pressure of actually being in a competition. You do the event at your own pace (from the car if you choose) and also it really improves your navigation skills
  • With admin and catering you can learn new skills improve your computer literacy, organisational skills or culinary arts.
  • Being a manager gives you an opportunity to lead a team of willing helpers. These tasks can often be shared to lessen the workload on one person.
  • Bringing the equipment gives you free transport to the event.
  • Bring the family!! Kids love buttering cheese toasties for at least a little while. You can rotate the helping throughout the family.
  • Go out and collect some checkpoints after the event on event day or the next weekend.
  • Feel the joy of seeing the Rogainers appreciate your efforts, whether it is a chat about that challenging checkpoint you set or just a smile when you fill their bowl with soup.


How much will it cost (will I be subsidised etc)?


  • It will cost you nothing!! In fact you will also get some freebies.
  • You can claim all your out of pocket expenses you make on behalf of the VRA, and your travel costs to and from the event and course work travel cost at 25c per km by putting in a claim form to the event treasurer.
  • You will get a free event T-shirt which you can take home and keep.
  • You get all your meals while at the event and a free event map.
  • If you do a manager, setting, coordinating, or map making role you will receive a voucher which provides you free entry to rogaine of your choice within the next 12 months.


What is my time commitment?


  • Catering, admin, general helpers, first aid and water drops are on the day only jobs, which require very little forward planning.
  • Admin and Catering Manager roles require a several part of days commitment prior to the event as well on the day. Sometimes these roles have been shared between a number of people.
  • Equipment manager needs to order the truck pre event and be prepared to help immediately before and after the actual event time.
  • Vetting and checking can take from a couple days to several full days depending on the complexity of the course, your navigation ability and fitness levels and distance you need to travel to the course.
  • If you are interested in setting and coordinating an event this is a considerable time commitment but a very rewarding experience. The longer you have to plan an event before it takes place, the easier the task.


What help is available?


  • The VRA has comprehensive manuals available on this Website under Resources for coordinating, catering, admin, equipment and many other things. If you are a setter there is book written by Rod Costigan which you will be given with all the low down on setting.
  • The Volunteer Recruitment Officer and Competition Manager are willing to answer all your questions about event organisation and will even assist you find helpers.
  • There is a network of other people who have input into an event like the person who looks after Navlight
  • The committee is always ready to hear and support your ideas and there are lots of experienced Rogainers who you can be put in contact for advise
  • The Site Officer can help you select an event location.
  • The Computer Liaison Person will train you in admin skills.


Who do I contact to get involved?


  • Select from the tasks listed in what is involved in running an event, and contact the VRA Volunteer Co-ordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your offers to help.  
  • Contact the Competition Manager currently This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on setting and coordinating an event
  • Refer to contacts page for current names and phone numbers


How else could I support the VRA?


  • Join the Committee A bunch of people who meet once a month to set the direction for Rogaining and manage the overall operation of the organisation. New faces with new ideas are always welcome and needed to give the VRA life!! You don't have to be a long time member to contribute to the committee.
  • Be an instructor at VRA Training day Good navigation skills would be needed.
  • Help with one of the many allied roles that support the VRA such as competition manager, volunteer recruitment, membership, newsletter, equipment, site officer, youth schools coordinator, insurance officer, first aid officer, computer liaison officer, admin and computer support/ advisers, publicity, Website, online manager, checkpoint and Navlight coordinator, checkpoint repairer, partner finding service, PO box collector, bush and rescue liaison, safety officer, university coordinator, VRA handicap officer and many, many more.
  • Many of these positions become vacant and are advertised in the newsletter but if you can also offer to assist with any of these roles this would be much appreciated as the load becomes easier if shared among many.


Contact :

Volunteer Co-ordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Competition Manager   - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Refer to Contacts Page for current Names and Phone Numbers.

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